AvGeeksUK is the brand I use for Aviation content from, Flight Sims to Games to Documentaries and blogging life in the RAF Air Cadets.

What got me into flying? I went for a trial flight in a Piper Tomahawk with Liverpool Flying School in 2002 after being bought it as a Christmas present. I remember flying around Liverpool and taking in the sights, but I also remember banking over and feeling like I was going to fall out…. luckily I didn’t.

Obviously, this didn’t deter me though as when I was 13 I joined the 306 (Runcorn) Squadron Air Training Corps.

I got my first flight in a Grob Tutor in 2002 at 10 AEF of RAF Woodvale, near Southport. It was an amazing experience getting suited and booted in a flight suit, helmet, gloves and parachute, we were made to watch an introduction video on what to do in case of emergency, I cant remember most of the Video but I do remember “JUMP JUMP JUMP” as the pilot opens the canopy and exits the aircraft off the wing and down to the ground, thankfully I never needed to use this, on this sortie I also experienced my first taste of aerobatics! it was amazing and I was hooked, the Instructor got sick of flying inverted before I did!

In early 2003 I started off on my GIC (Gliding Induction Course) with 631 VGS (Volunteer Gliding School) out of RAF Sealand, flying the only REAL glider that the Cadets had the Grob Viking (The Vigilant is not a real glider..it has an engine!!!). I don’t remember too much of my first flights other than thinking “How the H*** am I supposed to fly this when I am pinned to my seat” for those of you that are not aware the Viking is a winch launch glider, you are connected to a cable that’s on a reel about 1,000 to 2,500-metres away it is then reeled in at a rate of knots, I am told the 0-60 was quicker than a Dodge viper and the rate of climb was similar to a Spitfire (not sure if either are true) all I know is that it was an amazing experience. In 2005 I went on to complete the Gliding Scholarship to a Silver ( Solo) level.

In 2006 I had a short flight on a Dornier Do 28-G92, I took the short way down to the ground though, well I was on the Corps Parachuting Course at RAF Weston on the Green.

Life after Cadets quietened down a lot ! but I have been in a DC3 of what was Air Atlantique and a DH Dragon Rapide, both were amazing.

Life In the Cadets ? So fast forward to 2017 and I returned to the Cadets as a CFAV (Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer). I’ve built a Flight Simulator, the website and been involved in a number of other activities, I intend to blog my process of becoming an Officer on Squadron a Pilot Officer RAFAC.